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The middle class is under siege by the housing market in Dade County

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

For the past 14 years I have lived in Miami-Dade, and I love my community. It is diverse and hardworking with dreams of achieving the “American Dream”, but that dream has become more of an impossible dream to achieve in Dade county. Many developers have taken it upon themselves to speculate with the market, COVID 19, and that has created a market where local Miami Dade residents are thinking of leaving the county because it no longer provides an environment for hardworking people to thrive and grow. The current inflation and high costs of rent and real estate market have forced many to leave and desist of their dreams.

Rent prices, and the value of homes have increased in a way that many can no longer afford to pay rent, or even think of buying a home because you need to be rich to afford one. Many who are benefiting from the hike in prices buy homes from low income families and then re-sell these homes with an increase of 100% of the market value, and then, the market value of the homes in that area rise up like magic making it very complicated for anyone to buy or rent. It is a domino effect that is killing our families’ pocket.

In district 11, for example, I have seen homes that used to rent for 2300k now at 3500k which no local dade family can afford to pay. it is almost like being robbed at gun point. You either pay or leave the neighborhood where you grew up.

Local leaders,are, in some cases, tied to campaign monies coming from these developers, who benefit from this real estate market. Therefore, expecting that these individuals will go and fight for people who are suffering is disingenuous. Local residents must elect leadership who will fight for them, and thus far, what we have seen is the same people being elected, and voters being cheated of their dreams to live in our county.

This reality is not only affecting Miami-Dade, it’s a state issue that must be addressed. This year we have elections and all voters must make the housing market and costs an issue. Leaders who have a real compromise with this topic should be elected to fight for us; the hardworking families of Miami Dade county.

Finally, we are under siege because many have left the county, many will leave before the problem is resolved, and,in the end, Dade county will not have anyone to serve at restaurants, clean the homes of the rich and to provide essential services. I guess the rich, who the developers cater to, will build a few affordable housing projects to house the poor who will serve them almost like building homes for slaves. I sincerely hope this problem is resolved, and that we realice we need hard working families to help build this county. Attacking them and taking advantage of them will not make dade county a paradise world.

Cristhian Mancera Mejía

Director and Political activist

twitter @cmancera33

IG @manceramejia

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