Response to President's Ivan Duque's address in English to Colombia and the international community

Cristhian Mancera Mejia from the Servicolex network, an organization that helps Colombian expats around the world, provided a response about the crisis in Colombia, and,in a very short video, explained what is going on in the south American nation, mainly, in response to Ivan Duque's address in English where he accused opposition leader Gustavo Petro of being the person behind the political unrest in Colombia. Cristhian, basically responded that instead of attacking the opposition leader, Ivan Duque should govern the country and show he is in command.

Colombia faces blockades in almost every part of the country and Colombia's president has been unable to bring order to his country. The unbiased address to the president's comments comes in response to other messages in English released by the Colombian government that have failed to show the side of the story the Colombian government has paid thousands of dollars for.

Video where the rebuttal is given by Colombian political activist Cristhian Mancera



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