Miami-Dade is no longer safe for anyone

Recently, we have seen a spike in drive by shootings in Miami-Dade without getting a straight answer from authorities as to why this increase is occurring. Many in the community suggest that the recent influx of people moving from crime infested states has contributed to the rise in violence. Others, have even suggested that gangs that operate in the northern states have moved into South Florida creating a gang war within our streets. Many young people have lost their lives, and the community is seeking to have straight answers about the violence in Miami-Dade. It has become a risk to spend a night in a restaurant in Miami Beach because of the possibility of a drive by shooting that usually ends up killing everyone including the target.

Miami-Dade County authorities have expressed that they will find the people responsible for these crimes and bring them to justice. The question though is, what is the county really doing to prevent these crimes? I hear these calls about gun violence, but I do not hear anything about increasing the manpower at the Miami-Dade Police department or providing more funds to make sure the police have the resources they need to fight crime and prevent these acts of horror from happening. We cannot allow communities that are not associated with this type of crime behavior to fall under the scope of gangs and allow these groups to destroy communities that have taken years to build by their residents.

The reason behind this is not that people have access to guns, because many years have passed with many Floridians’ having access to guns without these crimes and shootings happening. The problem is the de-fund police campaign that has brought down moral in police departments around the nation and here in Dade County as well. We cannot continue to say that it is because of people having access to guns that this is happening. It is a lie! The reason these crimes are happening is because the county needs to appropriate more funds for its police department to secure our streets and crime preventing strategies need to be put in place to stop this wave of crime.

Many residents have expressed their concerns to me, and I am echoing them to reach elected officials in making the proper changes. Let us work together to involve the community and the police in building networks of community watch to ensure these crimes do not continue to happen and that our officers have the resources they need to fight crime. The issue here is crime and how to prevent it, not saying that people having access to guns is killing our residents. Therefore, this is a calling to prevent crime, add resources to our police and to safeguard our communities from gangsters and violence. We cannot feel safe anywhere if our streets are full of gang shooting individuals with no regard for life and public safety.

Cristhian Mancera Mejia

Twitter- @cmancera33 @latribunacolus

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