Crime is taking over Miami-Dade

For the past few months, and since we started this new year 2021, Miami-Dade has seen an increase in violent acts around the county. For starters, Miami Beach has become a place where many locals and tourists are beginning to ask if it is safe to come to the sunny beaches of Dade county. The answer to the question apparently remains unknown since what is seen is that there is a clear increase in violent acts but no plan in sight to stop it. Clearly the county has had an increase of new residents from failed states around the nation. This is very visible in our communities, and in our local stores where many new faces are being seen in our neighborhoods and schools. What is concerning about all this is that we have communities like District 11, District 7 that have been shocked with crimes that are not common in these areas. South Dade and West Dade have seen crimes that remind us of the Dade county of the 1980’s, and aside from the police doing their jobs and responding to these crime scenes, not much has been said to date as to what is provoking these crimes and who is committing them.

I support our law enforcement officers and police department and how they do their jobs, but I believe that the new influx of new residents has created a volatile scenario where residents in good neighborhoods are now fearful of their lives.

Some residents have expressed to me :”We just do not feel safe anymore” Just recently a friend contacted me sharing his story with me. He explained that two delinquents entered a prestigious condominium in Miami Beach, they accessed the parking area, and under security cameras, security guards, these criminals stole two motorbikes belonging to two different owners, and no one did anything to stop them. The two victims have filed police reports denouncing what happened, but the issue here is not that they were able to go to the police, the problem here is that this is happening in our streets and not much is being done about it.

Clearly, these incidents like the one I mentioned above along with crimes being committed in quiet neighborhoods of our county does raise concerns, and, perhaps, more funding is needed for our police department along with more men and women to patrol the streets. The riots of last year clearly left the idea that Florida and Miami-Dade were one of those states and counties that were able to handle crime and violence, but apparently in this new year 2021, and under a new administration in Dade-County crime has gone up without a plan in motion to stop it. Dade county is a great place to live and if more police is needed, I will support such a course of action to prevent our neighborhoods and county from becoming a war zone like Chicago,Illinois.

Cristhian Mancera Mejia

Twitter: @cmancera33 @latribunacolus

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